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Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer | Gregory L. Bosse

Tustin Personal Injury Attorney Gregory Bosse provides individuals in Tustin, Orange County, and California with zealous representation. If you have been hurt because of the actions of another, please call Attorney Gregory L. Bosse. We work to attain the maximum financial compensation for each client’s case.

At our Tustin Personal Injury Law Firm, we accept cases on a contingency basis. We charge no fees until we have gained the client a favorable outcome. Call Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer Bosse today to set up your consultation.

Tustin Accident Lawyer – Practice Areas

In the event that you are injured and another person is responsible for it, the law limits the time in which to collect compensation. To learn more about specific circumstances and any applicable deadlines or requirements, please contact Injury Attorney Greg Bosse.Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer Gregory L. Bosse

Tustin Accident Attorney

Our knowledgeable accident attorney offers sensible legal advice to clients in Tustin who have suffered injury in any of a number of accidents:

Commercial Transportation Accident Attorney

When an individual is harmed in a crash with a bus, moving van, freight truck, or another type of commercial vehicle, our firm may provide the counsel and representation needed to collect the highest compensation possible. Please call our knowledgeable commercial transportation accident lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Big Rig Accident Attorney & Truck Accident Lawyer

Because California has many busy highways used for commercial transportation, a number of accidents involving semi-trucks, heavy duty trucks, or tractor trailers occur every year. Such accidents can easily cause serious harm. Our Tustin Truck Accident Attorney and Big Rig Accident Lawyer Gregory L. Bosse is dedicated to gaining the proper compensation for individuals who have been injured in a big rig or truck accident.

Car Accident Lawyer

When someone is injured by a car accident, it may be possible to collect multiple types of compensation. This may include punitive damages, lost wages, and more. To find out the specifics of your case and what types of compensation may be collected, please contact Tustin Car Accident Attorney Bosse to schedule a free initial consultation.Tustin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Accident Attorney & Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists and pedestrians who have suffered injury after being hit by a vehicle or by resulting debris can sustain life-changing injuries. If you or a family member have been hurt in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, please call our firm for skilled representation from knowledgeable Pedestrian Accident Lawyer and Bicycle Accident Lawyer Gregory Bosse.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

To gain knowledgeable advice regarding a recent motorcycle accident, call Motorcycle Accident Attorney Bosse. It is imperative that any injured parties take legal action promptly in order to protect their right to collect financial compensation for injuries and other related losses.

Experienced Products Liability Lawyer for Tustin, California

If a consumer product has caused harm to an individual, there are several companies or individuals that may be held responsible for damages. This includes retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and more. In the event that a malfunctioning or defective product causes harm to you or someone in your family, call on our products liability attorney and defective products lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Gregory Bosse, we diligently and aggressively pursue those who are responsible for putting dangerous products on the market. We work to gain clients the financial compensation that is deserved for such injuries. Our firm handles a wide range of defective product issues:Tustin Products Liability Attorney

Please contact our defective products attorney today to set up a free initial consultation. Our law office does not bill for any fees until after we have obtained a favorable outcome in behalf of our injured clients.

Premises Liability Attorney

In California, property owners are legally required to keep conditions safe on any private or commercial property. When an individual is hurt because a property was not maintained safely, our premises liability lawyer may be able to collect the appropriate financial compensation. Tustin Personal Injury Attorney Bosse handles cases involving negligent property owners and a variety of dangerous property conditions: Tustin Premises Liability Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Gregory Bosse, we are dedicated to offering compassionate counsel to those in Tustin and beyond. If you have been seriously harmed due to the actions or inaction of another party, please call us for a free initial consultation with our Tustin personal injury attorney.

Construction Accident Lawyer & Industrial Accident Lawyer

Despite the fact that California law requires certain safety measures be taken, construction site accidents occur. When circumstances such as forklift accidents, crane malfunction, or other dangerous problems happen, serious injury can result. Life-altering industrial accidents can occur at metal foundries, commercial bakeries, on a roofing job, and other industrial locations.

If you or a loved one have been hurt at a construction or industrial site, please call our knowledgeable Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer. As an effective construction accident attorney and industrial accident attorney, Mr. Bosse guides clients through the process and helps gain the highest possible financial compensation.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Our skilled wrongful death lawyer provides compassionate and zealous representation to families suffering the tragic loss of a loved one. If a family member has passed away in a fatal accident, please call our Tustin personal injury law firm today for reliable counsel.

Personal Injury Compensation

Our Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer Bosse protects the rights of injured clients and works to gain the best possible compensation. The specific compensation awarded in a case depends upon certain details and circumstances. Such compensation can include the following:

Contact an Experienced Tustin Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or a member of your family been injured because of the actions of another? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Tustin personal injury lawyer and car accident lawyer. We work to obtain the highest possible compensation for injured clients. Contact our firm by submitting an online case evaluation form or by calling (714) 550-9555. Accident Attorney Greg Bosse will review the case information carefully, and our office will contact you to set up a no-charge consultation.


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