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Stanton Personal Injury Lawyer Greg Bosse

Stanton Personal Injury Attorney Gregory L. Bosse represents businesses and individuals in Stanton, Orange County, and beyond. If you live or work in Southern California and are dealing with a defective product, car accident, construction site accident, premises liability incident, or wrongful death, our Stanton personal injury law office may be able to help.

If you would like a complimentary consultation with our Stanton personal injury lawyer, please phone us at (714) 550-9555 to make an appointment. In addition to not charging for the initial consultation, our firm does not charge for attorney services until we gain a positive outcome in the case

Stanton Accident Attorney Bosse | Areas of Practice

When an individual is injured, there is only a limited amount of time in which they may pursue compensation. To learn what type of deadlines and limits apply to your case, please coStanton Personal Injury Lawyer Gregory L. Bossentact our office. Mr. Bosse accepts injury cases of many kinds.

Stanton Accident Lawyer

Attorney Greg Bosse provides knowledgeable counsel and representation to injured individuals and their families in Stanton and beyond. He works to gain the financial compensation and medical care that are appropriate for the injuries sustained. Mr. Bosse handles negotiations with the insurance companies and is able to represent injured drivers and passengers.

Truck Accident Lawyer and Big Rig Accident Lawyer Bosse

California highways see multiple truck and big rig accidents every year. Large vehicles such as semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and heavy duty trucks can cause serious injury and property damage. If you have experienced a truck accident and have suffered injuries or other losses, please call Stanton Truck Accident Attorney and Big Rig Accident Attorney Bosse.

Commercial Transportation Accident Attorney for Stanton, CA

When a commercial vehicle such as a bus, taxi cab, or train are involved in a vehicle accident, consulting with a knowledgeable commercial transportation accident lawyer can help ensure proper compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash, call our motorcycle accident lawyer. Stanton Attorney Bosse helps clients comply with deadlines, handle insurance issues, and fight for the best compensation possible.

Car Accident Attorney for Stanton, California

Individuals who have been injured in a car crash are entitled to proper medical care and monetary compensation for other expenses. Not every case qualifies for every type of compensation, but depending on the circumstances, monies may be awarded for lost wages, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and more. Call Stanton Car Accident Lawyer Greg Bosse to find out which damages may apply to your case.

Reliable Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Drivers who are distracted, speeding, or driving in an otherwise unsafe manner can cause great harm to pedestrians and bicyclists. If you were injured in such an incident, please call our office and schedule a consultation with Bicycle Accident Lawyer and Pedestrian Accident Attorney Bosse. He has over three decades’ experience as a pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney.

Skilled Premises Liability Lawyer

The law requires that owners maintain a safe environment on their commercial or private property. If safe conditions are not maintained and someone is injured, the owner can be liable for economic damages. Dangerous conditions such as those listed below can cause injury and result in a lawsuit:Stanton Premises Liability Attorney Greg Bosse

Please contact our law firm’s Stanton premises liability attorney to discuss any injuries you have sustained while on another party’s commercial or private property.

Construction Accident Attorney | Industrial Accident Lawyer

When dangerous conditions such as defective scaffolding, unsafe equipment, OSHA violations, electrical hazards, or others cause an injury on the jobsite, an effective construction accident lawyer and industrial accident attorney can help. If you have been injured on an industrial or construction site, call our Stanton personal injury law firm to discuss how to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Products Liability Attorney

Do you have reason to suspect a defective product has caused injury? If you or a loved one have been hurt by a faulty product, call Defective Products Attorney and Products Liability Lawyer Gregory Bosse. He will fight to hold responsible those accountable and prevent further injuries while gaining the financial compensation you deserve.

In defective product cases, a variety of parties can be found liable for contributing to the injury of a consumer. These include individuals and companies such as designers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and others. There are many types of faulty products and conditions that can cause harm and lead to legal action:Stanton Products Liability Attorney Greg Bosse

Caring Wrongful Death Attorney

Sometimes an injury is so severe that a fatality results. In these tragic circumstances, our compassionate wrongful death lawyer works zealously to gain the family a measure of justice and compensation. Stanton Personal Injury Attorney Gregory L. Bosse represents families who have suffered such a loss.

Personal Injury Compensation

As a skilled Stanton personal injury attorney, Mr. Bosse carefully identifies every type of compensation a client may qualify to receive. There are several kinds of compensation that may be due in a case:

Free Consultation with Stanton Personal Injury Lawyer Bosse

Have you or a loved one been injured because of the actions or inaction of another? If so, our Stanton personal injury law firm may be able to gain the compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury attorney and defective products lawyer provides an initial consultation at no charge. This allows the injured party to receive answers to their questions and benefit from sound legal counsel.

To reach Attorney Bosse and make an appointment to meet with him, phone us at (714) 550-9555 or contact us online through our accident case evaluation form.


When coming from Stanton City Hall area to our office, start by driving east on Katella Avenue. Take a right on Beach Boulevard. Get onto the 22 East. Use the Fairview Street Exit. Take a right at Fairview Street. At West 17th Street, take a left. Look for our office on the right. The address is 940 W. 17th Street.