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Santa Ana Probate Attorney | Gregory L. Bosse

Santa Ana Probate Attorney Gregory L. Bosse serves clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California with experienced legal counsel in probate law, probate litigation, and estate planning matters.

By working diligently and providing superior legal counsel to each client, our Probate Attorney Bosse assists individuals who are involved with settling the final affairs of a deceased person. Contact our office to arrange for your complimentary consultation with an experienced Santa Ana Probate Lawyer.

Probate Law Attorney in Santa Ana, California

When a loved one passes away, surviving family members often have unanswered questions concerning the legal state of affairs and estate of the deceased. If you are in this situation, you may be feeling additional stress and emotional turmoil at this difficult time. California law requires probate for estates that exceed $150,000 in cases where there is no established trust or will.

Probate Attorney Bosse can answer your questions and ensure these matters are handled appropriately to avoid potential probate litigation. As a skilled Probate Attorney in Santa Ana, Mr. Bosse assists clients throughout the entire probate process.

Before a will can be administered, it must complete the probate process, which is complicated by numerous legal regulations and government entities. A Probate Court determines the validity of a will and the specific manner of asset distribution. An experienced Probate Lawyer is crucial for this process to assist and advise the family.

Probate Lawyer Greg Bosse educates clients on the disadvantages of probate, including time, cost, complexity, and privacy loss. Because probate is mandated by the court system, an uncontested will may take about two years to complete the process. The fees are high because the rates are set by the California Legislature. If property is owned in another state, Probate Accounting must be completed there as well.

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